Founder member of Affinitée, some ten tears ago, is accordionist Basil Bunelik.  In the 1960's a keyboard player in London soul bands, after heaving a Hammond organ in and out of clubs for many years,  Basil rediscovered his Ukrainian roots and decided the accordion was not only much lighter but also suited his sensitive musicianship.  In the 1980's he formed Troika to perform Russian and Ukrainian music at folk festivals and clubs, leading to a Millenium award in 2000 for a project in klezmer - the music of East European Jews. 

Like most dedicated accordionists, Basil has always had an interest in the French tradition and when an outstanding French singer turned up, Piaffinitee was created and their show Piaf Comes to Life was soon performing to great acclaim up and down the country.

Highly regarded UK mandolinist, Marc Woodward, started playing mandolin in his teens and studied with Tommy Jackson a regular sessions mandolinist in London.  By the age of seventeen, whilst still at school, Marc was performing seven nights a week at venues ranging from the The Connaught Rooms in London, The Henley Regatta, to Nightclubs in Belgium and Tiki bars in Florida.

In 1986 Marc moved to the South West where he has become an established performer at folk clubs and festivals, working with such luminaries as John Renbourn and the late Jo Ann Kelly

Tim Heming is a highly versatile musician usually contributing guitar to Affinitée, or sometime double bass.  He is part of the Gypsy Jazz duo Appel Direct,  a regular member of world music band Signs of Life and a frequent member of Swervey World - the highly entertaining street band that brings cabaret to the  high street.