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Most makes of accordion repaired/retuned/revalved etc.

If you have a concertina needing attention I refer you to Nigel Sture, otherwise I can handle most problems with accordions and melodeons. Please note that pre-war accordions that have not been maintained will very likely need complete removal of reeds, revalving, rewaxing and retuning which is a major undertaking especially with large old accordions.

Swing tuning: I can modify your tuning to give a small amount of vibrato favoured by many professional players. Cost from 50 Please enquire.

Isolation of bass notes: Most accordions will play four or five reeds when playing just single notes in the bass, which gives a top heavy sound. I can modify most mechanisms to give just the Bass reeds (usually two) on single bass notes. This does not affect the chord buttons.

Click below to hear accordions tuned in four different ways.  Ideally the accordions would all be the same, but this is the closest I could get.  Perhaps a better example of swing tuning is the Kristall I played on youtube.

click here to see my youtube channel: lots of tunes and accordions!

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