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At last!  A beginners book that is crammed with great traditional tunes from around the world, has fingering for both hands, and has a slowed-down version of every tune on Vimeo so you can watch the exact notes and fingering used.

50 great tunes, with CD 9.99

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each tune is fully fingered and notation introduced organically

Easy beautiful music from many lands
11 + post


A few more publications I would recommend:

Recueil de 110 succes (Beuscher)

Each volume is a collection of 110 French musette waltzes, javas, etc Volume 1 of the series is a "must have" for anyone interested in this style of music. Chord symbols for accordion with some indication of passing notes.

30 Pezzi Celebri vol 1

A collection of 30 well known pieces arranged for accordion. Fairly easy to intermediate.

Themes classiques vol 2

A selection of classical themes arranged for piano accordion. Very playable.

Slow versions on Vimeo

Price includes Post to UK

Price includes post to Europe

Includes post to N & S America, Africa, Asia

Price includes shipping to Australia, NZ


Price includes post to UK

Price includes post to Europe

Price includes post to N & S America, Africa, Asia,

Price includes post to Australia, NZ



Scottish Folk Tunes

54 Traditional Pieces for Accordion
Ian Lowthian

A brilliant presentation of Scottish piano accordion for advanced players - the CD is first class and the notation gives clear indication of ornaments and left hand accompaniment.

John Kirkpatrick's English Choice

Selection of English morris and dance tunes, played on melodeon by the acknowledged master of English style but equally applicable to piano accordion.

click here to see my youtube channel: lots of tunes and accordions!

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