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Weltmeister are now producing an excellent range of good quality instruments at reasonable prices.  I offer a wide choice of instruments in a full range of colours, your choice of tuning, and with gig bag if preferred to hard case, at as low a price as possible as well as personal, local service and advice.  Due to fluctuations in exchange rate etc the prices below are only a guide, please refer to Thomann website for their current prices which I can match or better.

Thomann website

A sample range of Weltmeisters in stock

Green Rubin 60 bass standard tuning 1300
swing tuning available and other colours

Rubin - the instrument you buy to learn on and keep for life.  Only 5.6kg but with a large enough range of notes and basses to play most kinds of music. Reduced key width - 18mm.

Red Rubin swing tuning + gig bag 1350
swing tuning gives a rich sound, especially playing chords.

Click to hear above on youtube

Kristall 60 bass 1500
Specify your own colour and design on any Weltmeister as well as any tuning from dry to wet

Kristall features standard key width of 20mm and extra reeds for a variety of tone colour yet is still very light at 6.7kg.  Same great range of notes and basses as Rubin,  Swing, musette and standard tunings available to suit your taste.

Juwell 72 bass 30 key 3 voice 1500
Compact, lightweight and versatile.

Achat 34 key 72 bass 3 voice 1700
with hard case or gig bag, choice of tuning

Achat - Instruments good enough, large enough, light enough, yet priced low enough to leave you smiling.  weight 7.6kg
Three voice instruments with a choice of musette (MMM) or standard tuning (LMM) with a choice of vibrato width. Also available as 80 bass option.

Kristall 60 bass MMM Scottish Tuning 1600
Weighing less than 7kg but plenty of power

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